This is what your little one will be doing as he/she progresses through the lessons with SwimSouthWest:

The first part of the curriculum is progressing through the various levels of the National Swim Awards. This comprises 12 levels, each level aims to improve on water skills and swim skills until the final level, 12, is reached and passed.

Following completion of the levels, your child will then have the opportunity to complete the RLSS Rookie Life Guard course.
This introduces the pupil to various life saving skills as well as teaching the life saving strokes.

The pupils will, during the course of Rookies, learn to save life as well as learning personal survival skills. There will also be an opportunity during the course for the pupils to learn CPR and Mouth to Mouth resuscitation as well as how to deal with unconscious and spinal injury casualties.

On completion of Rookies, your child will then have the opportunity to continue with lessons which focus on technique which will improve the overall standard of swimming setting them up for club and competitive swimming in the future.